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What We Do


Real Estate Development

Access to housing and a healthy life. 


Education Development

Access to education and job training.


 Network Support

Access to a verified network for ongoing support. 

ConnectHope identifies unmet needs and a dignified housing plan with wrap around support. 

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Matching verified services to those who need it most


Text Messaging

Using simple and available technology to connect


Big Data

Providing local change agents with actionable data


STEP 1:  HopeOneSource connects vulnerable communities to verified nearby available services they're eligble. 

STEP 2:  HopeOneSource then assists the service provider with real-time outreach and up-to-date verified information. 

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Providing an annual award for an organization's exemplary collaboration with other organizations that consistently measure outcomes and continuously improve.

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Promoting Service

Recognizing exemplary efforts to connect those experiencing poverty to services for improving longterm outcomes.


Encouraging Best Practices

Acknowledging data driven efforts to connect people experiencing poverty to services with dignity, security, and ease. 


Preventing Duplication of Effort

Bringing awareness to existing efforts to maximize outcomes.





Children empowered with leadership training through ConnectHope


Service providers maximizing their impact through HopeOneSource


Organizations nominated for the Outstanding Collaborators of the Year Award

Our History

  • 012009

    HopeWithLove founded

    HopeWithLove founded to maximize existing proven efforts to help the poor and oppressed

  • 022010

    Needs identified in Haiti

    Needs identified in Haiti. Began research and development of HopeOneSource to improve collaboration of medical providers.

  • 032011

    Gaps found in Honduras

    Launched initiatives to increase  Scouting, providing children with an alternative to street gangs.

  • 042012

    HopeOneSource Phase I technology platform launched in Haiti

    Began preventing duplication of efforts, maximizing resources, and filling areas overlooked

  • 052013

    Expanded HopeOneSource

    Provided ongoing support to improve HopeOneSource functionality and increase Scouting leadership - with a 200% growth in children’s leadership training in central Honduras since 2011

  • 062014


    As of 2014, ConnectHope and Scouts of Honduras has seen a 400% increase in scouting in central Honduras since 2011

  • 072014

    HopeOneSource Phase II

    HopeOneSource Phase II technology platform launched in Haiti with over 40 unique medical service providers registered - research and development continued

  • 082015

    ConnectHope Grows

    ConnectHope expands it program to serve underprivileged children, both stateside and abroad.

  • 092016

    HopeOneSource Grows

    HopeOneSource expands to Washington, DC to connect people to services experiencing poverty and oppression.

Our Skills









Community Empowerment


Leadership Development and Training