Sponsor a child for leadership development
Join us in providing all kids with a handup - versus a handout
+12 months Juan Hernandez
+12 months Johanli Ramos
+1 month, Honduras, Girl, 4-10 years old Emily Maldonado
+12 months Brayan Estrada
+6 months Ada Rodas

Your sponsorship goes towards ...

Providing leadership to underprivileged children

Bringing stability to children in need. Sponsorship helps build a brighter future with a strong foundation of Physical, Mental, and Spiritual nurturing.


Access to the appropriate attire that protects them from the elements.

Active Learning

Access to frequent events like trips to museums, camping, etc. 

Leadership Development

Access to exemplary leaders that will teach and mentor them.


Access to and from their home to leadership training events.


Access to food and nutritional training that improves overall health.