We Serve Those Experiencing Poverty And Oppression
Through the Growth and Support of Proven Efforts.
We Connect Vulnerable Persons and Available Services
Through Evidence Based Available Technologies.

What We Do

Providing leadership training and development to improve outcomes for underprivileged children.

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Physical Development

Regular exercise and proper nutrition.


Mental Development

Leadership and skills training through active learning.


Spiritual Development

Providing a moral and ethical foundation for life.

Providing a communication hub to increase awareness and access to existing social services.

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Identifying the location of local social services


Text Messaging

Leveraging readily available technology to improve communication


Big Data

Providing local change agents with actionable data

Providing an annual award for an organization's exemplary collaboration with other organizations to improve the lives of the poor and oppressed.

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Promoting Service

Recognizing exemplary efforts to serve the poor.


Encouraging Best Practices

Acknowledging creative and effictient efforts to serve the poor.


Preventing Duplication of Effort

Bringing awareness to existing efforts to maximize outcomes.


Success Stories

Wilmer, an 11-year old boy from central Honduras, recently became the first child sponsored through our new website.

Olvin's Story

June 28, 2015

How leadership development and training provided an underpriviledged child with a pathway to community and purpose - while now giving back to his community as an adult.